Dr. Tamal and the entire IBPS team are thoroughly knowledgeable and professional. Their experience in handling Biosimilar molecules is outstanding in India
Tamal helped Cipla BioTec to craft a disruptive development approach to biosimilars that was not only global but very creative and adaptive to moving norms. He was also hands on and sharply focused on execution. He loves to challenge the norm and is sharp on people capabilities and how to get the best from his team. I wish him the very best in his entrepreneurial venture
I have known Tamal for the last year and a half when I was invited to be part of the DSMB (Drug Safety and Monitoring Board) of a clinical trial for a biosimilar that Cipla BioTec was developing. Tamal was heading the entire project. I was impressed by his dynamism and passion and his ability to simplify issues. His team clearly saw him as a natural leader. I wish Tamal all the best in his new venture”
I have worked with Tamal in projects related to drug development. His expertise in regulatory issues around the world made him a very valuable team player in setting corporate clinical strategy and moving drugs along the path of approval.
I have known Dr. Tamal Raha over a decade when he was the Principal Scientist working for Intas Biotech Ahmedabad. Recently, he has set up his own consultancy firm Integrated Biopharma and Pharma Solutions which gave me an opportunity to interact with him and his team again.He offers excellent and practical advice on the development of biosimilars. His scientific understanding compounded with his regulatory experience helps to smooth the product development and regulatory filing process, in-line with the expectations of FDA, EMA, PMDA and other regulatory bodies in India and emerging markets. His consultancy style in very inclusive as he engages my team in detail discussions giving excellent advice to meet various regulatory requirements. Tamal has impressed me with his scientific understanding and clarity. He identifies gaps and provides effective solutions for complex development issues related to biologics and biosimilars. His expertise ranges from Chemistry Manufacturing & Control to Clinical study design and execution, from formulating a regulatory strategy to getting regulatory approval. He holds good contacts with leaders in Biotech and Pharma companies in India and abroad which adds further value. His association has had a profound impact on our strategy and business