Abhisek Chatterjee

Principal, Bioanalytics (Ph.D)

Abhisek has a Masters in Biochemistry and PhD in Biotechnology from University of Calcutta. He worked on anti-cancer drug resistance in his PhD. He was a postdoctoral fellow of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Before joining IBPS, Abhisek worked at Curadev Pharma where he led the in vitro biology specially cell based and cell free assay development for multiple early-stage assets to Phase 1. Abhisek is experienced in bioanalytical development for both small molecule and macromolecule drugs. Before Curadev, Abhisek was associated with Cadila Healthcare Limited (Zydus Group) in analytical development of therapeutic proteins (biosimilars and NBEs). Abhisek has expertise in physico-chemical characterization of biosimilars and NBEs and also in vitro assay development for biologics and NCE drugs