Sonali Mandawgade

Senior Manager, CMC & Projects

Sonali is a M.Tech in Bioprocess Technology from ICT Mumbai (formerly UDCT) and MBA in Pharmaceutical Management with 8+ years of biopharmaceutical industry experience. Having worked with Cipla Biotec Pvt. Ltd (a 100% Cipla Ltd. Subsidiary) and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd (Biologics division), Sonali brings a rich experience in biosimilar process development, creating strategic documents like Target Product Profile (TPP), Product Communication, Program Management. In Cipla Biotec, she was part of the commercial team responsible for commercial assessment and competitor analysis, deal analysis and global IP landscape of pipeline products. As part of the clinical and regulatory team, she was responsible for project management of non-clinical projects, annual budget management and project management of technology programs. At Dr. Reddy’s she has worked across functions like Product strategy, and Product communication wherein she contributed to developing marketing content, creating comprehensive strategy documents, conceptualizing and executing strategies for product lifecycle management. She was also part of late-stage process development wherein she was instrumental in designing improved downstream processes for better quality and yield of biosimilar products.